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Safe Drain Cleaner + Tool

Unique Drain + Septic

  • A Safe And Instant Drain Cleaner

    Powered By the Most Advanced Bacteria & Enzyme Formula Available

    • The First Instant Safe Drain Cleaner
    • Works on 99% of Clogs & Backups
    • Safe For Your Family & Pets
    • Includes Reusable Tool
    • Works In Garbage Disposals and Toilets
    • Non-Toxic | Eco-Friendly 
    • Made In The USA
    • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Safe Drain Cleaner Works Instantly To Clean Your Drains and Keep Them That Way.

    Part of maintaining a healthy and happy home is keeping your drain lines clean, open, and flowing. But sometimes clogged and slow moving drains just happen. You don’t have time for supposedly safe products that take hours to work, you need a truly safe product that is going to work instantly that will keep your drains open and flowing. Safe Drain Cleaner’s extremely easy and effective 2-part system ensures that your drains will get cleaned and stay that way. The included Drain Cleaner Tool goes to work instantly stripping your drain of any clog-causing build-ups and the Safe Drain Cleaner ensures those build-ups won’t slow you down ever again. It is made in Colorado using only the finest, curated ingredients, all created here in the US, and is guaranteed to work on your toughest clogs and backups.

    Thousands of homes are already using Safe Drain Cleaner to keep their drains clear and flowing.

    The Drain Cleaner Tool included with Safe Drain Cleaner is specially designed to unclog even the toughest drains instantly. At 16 inches long, it can reach the majority of clogs that are stuck inside the p-trap. With this tool, hair, grease, and other debris that causes clogs is easily stripped and removed from the drain, leaving your drain clear and flowing, instantly.

    Safe Drain Cleaner itself is chock- full of safe, naturally-occurring, probiotic bacteria and enzymes. When the bacteria encounter a food source (the scum and build-up in your drains), they immediately start to eat.

    Each individual bacterium devours all of the grease and scum around it (the bacteria’s food source) and once it has consumed enough food, it reproduces. Those newly reproduced bacteria will also continue to eat. The bacteria continue to eat and reproduce until they run out of food (the grease and build-ups in your drain lines) to eat. In the end you get continually clear flowing drain lines that will no longer become clogged or backed-up later on down the road because the bacteria has eaten all throughout the pipes - not just at the trap, where most clogs occur.

  • Step 1 - Insert drain tool into drain as far as possible. Slowly remove the tool with all of that drain-clogging debris. Repeat as necessary.

    Step 2 - Pour entire contents of Safe Drain Cleaner down the drain. If possible, let sit for 1 hour or more to allow full digestion of waste. Doing this will help ensure your drain lines remain clean in the future.