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Unclogs Drains Instantly Without Damaging Septic Systems

The Most Effective Septic Safe Drain Cleaner Available

  • The first INSTANT septic enhancing drain cleaner
  • Clears 99% of clogs and backups
  • Includes reusable tool
  • Contains no harmful chemicals
  • Not just septic safe - actually improves septic system effectiveness!
  • Injects tank cleaning bacteria into system
  • Works in aerobic systems
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Free Shipping On Orders Over $30

The Problem

When living on a septic system, there are few things as frustrating as slow or clogged drains. Most people who live on traditional sewage systems have a number of products that can help them with their drain issues. But for those who live on septic systems those products are simply not usable. Most drain openers work through pouring extremely toxic and caustic chemicals down the drain in an attempt to literally burn through whatever is causing the clog. These caustic cleaners wreak havoc on the delicate bacterial balance inside our septic systems.You need a drain opening solution that will instantly open your drains, while keeping your septic system safe,open, and flowing.

The Solution

Septic Enhancing Drain Cleaner is the first safe and instant drain cleaner that is not only safe for septic systems but actually HELPS your septic system perform more optimally. The reusable tool that is included with every bottle of Septic Enhancing Drain Cleaner clears 99% of the clogs it encounters while the Septic Enhancing Drain Cleaner safely cleans the drains and then fortifies your septic system’s natural waste breakdown process. Best of all, Septic Enhancing Drain Cleaner can actually prevent future clogs from occurring!

The Science

Septic Enhancing Drain Cleaner’s tool allows it to clear most drains instantly and the liquid cleaner is powered by the most advanced blend of bacteria and enzymes available. The way it works is very simple. Removing the debris from your drain with the provided drain tool is only the first step in taking care of clogs and backups. Once the large debris is removed, the Septic Enhancing Drain Cleaner goes to work. When the bacteria / enzyme blend in Septic Enhancing Drain Cleaner encounters a food source (the grease and grime that originally trapped the debris inside your pipes), it begins to eat. As it eats the grease and grime in your pipes, the bacteria then produce even more bacteria to help in this process of eating and digesting the waste. But that’s not all they produce. The bacteria also shed enzymes. The bacteria and enzymes continue to work together, breaking down and digesting the clog-inducing buildup until you are left with nothing but free-flowing drains. But Septic Enhancing Drain Cleaner goes one step further. Unlike traditional caustic drain openers that kill off the beneficial bacteria inside your holding tank, Septic Enhancing Drain Cleaner actually strengthens the beneficial bacteria, allowing for even more powerful and efficient waste breakdown. That means by using Septic Enhancing Drain Cleaner you are actually adding power to your septic system while also instantly opening your drains.


Ingredient CAS Purpose
Water 7732-18-5
Bacillus Bacterial/Enzyme Blend #42F Withheld Break Down Organic Waste
Propylene Glycol 57-55-6
Preserves Enzymes
Glycerine 56-81-5 Preserves Enzymes
Readily Biodegradable Surfactant Withheld Holds Formula in Solution, Cleans
Neutroleum Fragrance HQ365 By Intarome Mixture Pleasant Fragrance

Universal Product Identifiers

Septic Enhancing Drain Cleaner

SKU 42F-1
UPC 736683000722
Size 16 oz.

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