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Enhance your septic system and keep your toilet glistening at the same time. Safe for your family and the environment

Clean Your Toilets And Support Your Septic System at the same Time

  • Cleans and Removes Stains and Odors Inside Toilet Bowl
  • Cleans Old or Stubborn Stains
  • No Harsh, Caustic Chemicals, or Bleach
  • Septic Enhancing - Injects Beneficial Bacteria Into Septic Tank With Every Cleaning
  • Can Also Be Used In Aerobic Treatment Systems
  • Non-Toxic | Eco-Friendly 
  • Made In The USA
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Clean Your Toilets Safely and Effectively

When living in a home with a septic system, it can seem as though you need to make compromises when trying to deep clean your home. Septic Systems are very sensitive and using traditional cleaners like bleach to clean our toilets can utterly destroy the necessary bacterial balance inside your septic tank. Worst of all, using bleach to clean your toilet can actually lead to backups, foul odors, and clogs. You need something that is going to get your toilet sparkling again without worrying about what it will do to your septic system.

Unique’s Septic Enhancing Toilet Bowl Cleaner uses a proprietary blend of extremely safe cleaning agents and bacteria to get your toilet sparkling clean while enhancing the bacterial processes inside your septic tank. This also means that using Septic Enhancing Toilet Bowl Cleaner will also help prevent backups, odors, clogs. It is proudly made in Denver, Colorado using only the finest eco-friendly ingredients, and most importantly, it is guaranteed to work in your septic system.

Keep your toilets clean without throwing off the balance in your septic system.

Septic Enhancing Toilet Bowl Cleaner starts by working on the stubborn residue inside your toilets that can cause unsightly stains and unpleasant odors. The proprietary cleaning ingredients found in Septic Enhancing Toilet Bowl Cleaner leave your toilet looking and smelling fresh and clean. These cleaning ingredients are unlike many other cleaners on the market, in that they do not rely on harsh, caustic chemicals to do the cleaning, nor do they use any form of bleach. On a septic system, everything that goes into the toilet ends up in the septic tank. If caustic chemicals or bleach get into the septic tank, disastrous results occur. Backups, clogs, and foul odors are all a result of bleach killing off the beneficial bacterial processes that must occur in the septic tank. Septic Enhancing Toilet Bowl Cleaner does not contain any of these caustic chemicals or bleach.

In fact, Septic Enhancing Toilet Bowl Cleaner is infused with billions of beneficial bacteria. Once Septic Enhancing Toilet Bowl Cleaner enters into your septic tank, those beneficial bacteria enhance the bacterial processes already occurring inside your septic tank. More beneficial bacteria in the septic tank means that more proteins,oils, grease, fats, and carbohydrates inside that tank are broken down more efficiently. This means less chance of clogs, backups, and odors.

In the end, every time you clean your toilet, you are adding millions of more beneficial bacteria into your septic tank.

What Customers Are Saying About Septic Enhancing Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Moved to the county 35 years ago, and had never known much about septic systems. Knew that repairs were expensive if you had problems with septic tanks or leech fields. I had done some research and knew you have to maintain the bacteria " the Packmen as I call them" in the septic system. I found "Unique" at my local hardware store and gave it a try seeing it was environmentally friendly. Here it is 35 years later and my septic system is still working flawlessly, actually the system was installed a few years before we bought this place in the pines. I'm a licensed Plumbing Contractor and tell all my customers, there's only one product I use for maintaining septic systems "UNIQUE PRODUCTS" their products has no competition. I'm a satisfied customer and you will be to! (My septic story is an exception to normal system life yours may be different due to your use and care of your own septic systems) I know that these products work, and recommend using them for your own systems, Outstanding products.

Jim C.

I'm sold on not just the products from this firm but the customer service. This firm demonstrates the rare quality of genuine quality of CARING for their customers, most of who I believe they never even lay eyes on. Their concern over my septic system issues have saved me thousands of dollars. Further, they act as if it is no big deal to use their expertise to help other folks where they are able. Don't pass these folks by. Their are the creme de la crème of business integrity, product quality and customer relations.

John K.

I am very happy with this product. There is no harsh odor and our toilets are clean.

Pamela S.

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