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Septic System Digester Puck

Septic System Digester Puck. The Best Septic System Treatment. Unique Drain + Septic

Septic System Digester puck innovation and technical information. The Best Septic System Treatment. Unique Drain + Septic

Peace Of Mind With Every Flush

Rest Easy Knowing Your System Is In Good Hands

  • Cutting-edge design outperforms all other septic treatments
  • Uniformly delivers bacteria to system with every flush
  • Prevents sewage back-ups, clogs, and septic odors
  • Saves money by extending time between pump outs
  • More active ingredients than leading brands
  • No more messes or wasted money on outdated treatments
  • Breaks down fats, oils, grease, and paper waste
  • Promotes proper perking and field health
  • One puck treats your entire system for one month*
  • Works in all types of septic systems
  • Eco-friendly & Non-toxic
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Protect Your Home From Septic System Disasters & Save $$$ By Extending Time Between Pump Outs


Protecting yourself from costly septic repairs and disgusting sewage malfunctions is the core reason why you regularly treat your septic system. So, why settle for outdated treatments that expose yourself to septic failure when there is a better, more advanced solution? Stop wasting money on overpriced, under-powered treatments and start providing your home with unparalleled protection with Unique’s Septic System Digester Puck.


Our mess-free puck injects the most advanced bacteria and enzymes into your septic system with every flush of the toilet, ensuring your system is evenly treated - day in and day out.


Standard septic treatments fill your tank with active ingredients only once per month. This reduces the effectiveness of the treatment because the average septic tank completely cycles through in 7 days. This means you have 1 week with high concentrations of treatment and 3 weeks where your system is effectively being neglected. With Septic System Digester Puck you can help prevent sewer back-ups and odors by making sure your system is being treated daily with a premium treatment.

Add to your Toilet tank once per month for complete treatment

enhanced protection for your home and septic system. Unique Drain + Septic


Your septic tank is routinely being filled with solid waste, like fats, oils, grease, proteins, carbohydrates and paper waste. If left untreated, this undissolved waste can flow out of the tank and into your field, resulting in clogged lateral lines, sewage back-ups, and standing water in your septic field.

Septic System Digester Puck uses an advanced blend of proprietary, non-toxic, eco-friendly bacteria that produce targeted enzymes to break down and digest this solid waste inside your septic tank. The puck is designed to slowly release these active ingredients into your septic system evenly each day, so you can rest assured knowing your tank is being treated with the most powerful, most effective bacteria and enzymes available.

With Septic System Digester Puck you can use your septic system with confidence knowing that the solid waste inside your tank is being effectively broken down and that your septic field isn’t at risk from overuse or undissolved solids that could result in disgusting, expensive repairs.

Add Septic System Digester Puck to your toilet reserve tank. Unique Drain + Septic
Add once, treat for a whole month. The Best Septic Tank Treatment
billions of bacteria with every flush, Septic System Digester Puck.
treats septic systems evenly and consistently. Unique Drain + Septic


Today’s septic systems are routinely pushed to their limits. With excessive amounts of laundry, showers, system over-use, and added stress by daily activities on these sensitive systems, it’s not uncommon to overload your septic tank and find yourself wading through septic back-ups and sewage odors. In worst-case scenarios, you may have to completely replace your system as a result of improper maintenance.

But don’t worry. You can protect your home from these septic horror stories simply by placing one Septic System Digester Puck in your toilet’s fresh water tank every month. The most advanced, most effective, septic treatment is also the easiest to use!


Septic System Digester employs the most advanced, most effective bacteria and enzymes to digest fats, oils, grease, and paper waste in your septic tank in an easy-to-use, no-mess application. By reducing the solids inside your septic tank, your tank will fill up slower. This mean you can extend the time between pump outs, and save yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars by reducing how often you have to pump.

Thousands Of Homes Already Trust Septic System Digester Puck To Help Keep Their Septic Systems Healthy and Operating At Peak Performance.

Septic System Digester Puck