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Septic Treatment Box

Unique Drain + Septic


Why Subscribe?

Our subscription box will help you stay on track by supplying you with the highest-quality treatments, shipped automatically to you at the right time, with all of the information and reminders you need to rest easy knowing your septic system is in good hands.

Unique's septic system products are already carried in thousands of trusted retailers throughout the U.S. Now you can get these incredible products conveniently delivered to your door exactly when you need them.

Septic Systems Can Be Daunting

Proper septic system care can be overwhelming, and it's not unusual to worry if you are doing everything right. Am I using the right treatment products? Am I pumping my tank out regularly enough? Am I inadvertently doing things that are damaging my system and could lead to expensive repairs - or worse, a complete system failure?!

Take the stress out of your septic maintenance routine with the Unique Septic Treatment Box from Unique Drain + Septic.

About Us

Unique Drain + Septic is trusted nationwide. You can find Unique Drain + Septic  products from coast to coast in national chains like Ace Hardware, TrueValue, and Do It Best as well as independent retailers.

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