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Septic System Digester | Puck

Unique Drain + Septic


  • Rest Easy Knowing Your System Is In Good Hands

    Powered By the Most Advanced Bacteria & Enzyme Formula Available

    • Cutting-edge design outperforms all other septic treatments
    • Uniformly delivers bacteria to system with every flush
    • Prevents sewage back-ups, clogs, and septic odors
    • Saves money by extending time between pump outs
    • More active ingredients than leading brands
    • No more messes or wasted money on outdated treatments
    • Breaks down fats, oils, grease, and paper waste
    • Promotes proper perking and field health
    • One puck treats your entire system for one month
    • Works in all types of septic systems
    • Eco-friendly & Non-toxic
  • Get Peace Of Mind With Every Flush

    Septic System Digester Puck is a powerhouse septic system treatment that easily outworks the competition. Standard septic treatments fill your septic tank with active ingredients only once per month. Because the average septic tank completely cycles through in 7 days, standard septic treatments effectively treat your system for only 1 week, leaving it deprived of treatment for 3 weeks. This leaves you wide open to septic system failure— sewage back-ups inside your home, unbearable odors in your home and yard, and malfunctioning drain fields that are disgusting, embarrassing, and worse - could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement!

    Here’s what matters: Septic System Digester Puck gives you peace of mind with every flush, knowing your system is getting everything it needs to operate at peak performance. It’s cutting-edge design delivers the protection your system needs in a proportionally accurate, mess-free way. One puck will treat your entire septic system for one month, steadily distributing the most advanced strains of waste-digesting bacteria to your system with every flush. Why use messy, expensive, and less-effective treatments that expose you and your family to septic disasters when Septic System Digester Puck provides fast-acting, easy-to-implement, and robust prevention of the worst septic system problems?

    With a more advanced formula and higher concentrations of active ingredients, Septic System Digester Puck runs circles around the leading septic treatments. Treating your system with Septic System Digester Puck will successfully prevent all of the most damaging and disrupting symptoms of an overused or mistreated septic system: clogs, sewage backups, septic odors and backed-up fields by breaking down solid waste, fats and oils, grease, and toilet paper, helping to stimulate proper leach field perking and overall health. And thanks to our commitment to producing eco-friendly and non-toxic products, you can rest easy knowing that Septic System Digester Puck is safe to use from flush to field.

    With the Septic System Treatment Puck you can rest easy knowing that your system is being treated properly and evenly - and that septic disasters won't catch you off guard.

    Breaking New Ground. Standard septic treatments fill your tank with active ingredients only once per month. This reduces the effectiveness of the treatment because the average septic tank completely cycles through in 7 days. This means you have 1 week with high concentrations of treatment and 3 weeks where your system is effectively being neglected. With the Septic System Digester Puck you can help prevent sewer back-ups and odors by making sure your system is being treated daily with a premium treatment. This mess-free treatment requires no measuring and won't leave you frustrated by powder spills all over your bathroom floor or toilet bowl.

    Save Money and Hassle. The Septic System Digester Puck employs the most advanced, most effective bacteria and enzymes to digest fats, oils, grease, and paper waste in your septic tank in an easy-to-use, no-mess application. By reducing the solids inside your septic tank, your tank will fill up slower. This mean you can extend the time between pump outs, and save yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars by reducing how often you have to pump.

    Produced in Denver, Colorado using only the finest eco-friendly ingredients, the Septic System Digester Puck is guaranteed to work in your septic system.

    Across America, thousands of homes already put their trust in the Septic System Digester Puck to keep their septic systems flowing.

  • Normal Treatment - Once per month, place one puck in the toilet tank of a toilet that is regularly used. With every flush of the toilet you will inject highly targeted septic system treatment into your tank and field.