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Septic Field Rejuvenator

Unique Drain + Septic

  • Restore Your Septic Field and Prevent Backups

    Powered By the Most Advanced Bacteria & Enzyme Formula Available

    • Restores Backed Up Septic Fields
    • Breaks Down and Removes Solid Debris In Septic Field
    • Restores Proper Flow To Slowed Systems
    • Cleans Laterals & Reactivates Field Perking
    • Prevents Backups When Used As a Maintainer
    • Save $1,000’s In Field Replacement Costs
    • Non-Toxic | Eco-Friendly 
    • Made In The USA
    • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Flush Waste From Your Septic System

    Maintaining a free-flowing and healthy septic system is crucial in creating a warm and welcoming home. But sometimes septic field problems can result in annoying system backups, clogs, and odors. Septic Field Rejuvenator’s powerful blend of bacteria and enzymes restore your septic field and get your system flowing again. This safe and effective proprietary blend cleans lateral lines and reactivates crucial field perking that will prevent future backups when used on a regular basis and save you $1,000’s in field replacement costs. Septic Field Rejuvenator is non-toxic, eco-friendly and is completely safe for you and the ones you love.

    Septic system owners across North America trust Septic Field Rejuvenator to keep their septic fields, clean, clear, and perking.

    Septic Field Rejuvenator is full of safe, naturally-occurring, probiotic bacteria and enzymes. When the bacteria encounter a food source (the build-up inside your lateral lines), they begin to eat.

    Each individual bacterium devours all of the buildup around it (the bacterium’s food source) and once it has consumed enough waste, it reproduces. These new bacteria also begin to eat the waste as well. The bacteria continue this process until they run out of food (the buildup in your lateral lines) to eat. This bacteria also helps create gaps in your bio-matte layer for liquid to flow through more easily. In the end you get a rejuvenated septic field, a more effective bio-matte, and more importantly, a clean and free-flowing septic system.

  • Improperly Flowing System - Pour one bottle into toilet and flush. Allow 48 - 72 hours to work. System should be rejuvenated and flowing properly again.

    Backed Up System (standing water) - pour two bottles into toilet and flush. Allow 72 hours to work. Standing water should be gone and system should be rejuvenated and flowing properly again.

    Annual Application - Each year, pour one bottle into toilet and flush to ensure a properly flowing system that is backup and odor free.