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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Everyone has experienced that gut wrenching frustration when something goes wrong with a product. You have tried everything and you just can't get it to work! Here at Unique Drain + Septic, we are dedicated to our promise of quality. But you can hardly have quality products without proper support.

We are committed to our customers, and in the off chance a problem arises, we will work through any issue you are having to your satisfaction. With 25 years experience in the industry, we have endless resources at our disposal that we can use to help find you a solution if anything goes wrong. In the off chance that nothing can be done, we are more than happy to give you a full refund on your purchase as well as any shipping fees or charges you may have encountered during the process. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Our commitment to you is that we are always looking to give you the best experience and through your feedback and willingness to work with us, we can get to that goal together. 

We guarantee that our products are made from the finest ingredients, produced and packaged in our Colorado facility and are designed using the highest quality, most advanced formulas.

Still, from time to time people still run into problems. Don't worry! We're here to help! Our support team is highly skilled in answering your drain and/or septic questions. Odds are, we'll be able to get you on-track quickly with a few suggestions.

If you find yourself in a situation that can't be solved, don't worry - we will refund your money with no hassle.

Our goal is to provide you with high quality products and high quality service from start to finish.

Have a problem? No problem! Email us here: