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Our Story

Our Story

The year was 1987. Gas was $.89 per gallon, Dirty Dancing was simultaneously invigorating young people and disturbing old people across the USA, and consumers were less likely to buy "green products" than they were to name their newborn Gorbachev. Amidst this hugely throw-away consumer lifestyle, a chemical salesman named Don Stewart stumbled across a recipe for a carpet cleaner that really worked. He had no idea how it would change his life and the life of his customers.

Believing his new formula to be something really special, he set off in his used 28 foot RV to spread the word to independent retailers nationwide of his new miracle product. Don was 60 when he first set his rambling wheels to pavement. People thought it was crazy that a man at his age would take off for 8 to 10 months at a time going from store to store to personally introduce them to his product Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator. But it worked… People loved his product as much as he did! Within 5 years he had gone from coast to coast (several times) and had several hundred retailers selling his stain remover.

As time went on, he continued to grow his line using the same foundational premise: inexpensive and most of all EFFECTIVE! His line of products grew from pet stain removers to grease removers, drain openers, wine stain removers, boat and RV holding tank cleaners and carpet shampoos.

Don's hard work, positive outlook, and persistence, supported by a fantastic product line, paid off! Today, Unique Manufacturing & Markeing has nationwide distribution and is carried in over 5,000 stores. After decades on the road, hundreds of thousands of miles, several new RV's and countless conversations with store buyers, Don, now over 80, continues to occasionally visit stores and regale them with the kind of stories that only a salesman of 60 years could possess. Don's amazing ability to remember every store on every street and every buyer that he's ever visited has made him hundreds of friends and thousands of customers. Unique Manufacturing & Marketing has had a heck of a run and the future looks brighter than ever! Stay with us and you'll be surprised to see the fun and creative ways that we are blending our old fashioned values with our ambitious and innovative future.