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Septic System Digester Drop-In Pods FAQ


How Often Should I Use Septic System Digester Drop-In Pods In My Septic Tank?

These drop-in pods have been formulated to treat your septic system weekly.  Used at this rate this product will reduce frequency of pumpouts, while minimizing grease, oil and waste buildup in your septic system.  


Why Should I Use Septic System Digester?

Bacteria and enzymes are crucial in the process of biodegradation of solids in your septic system. What this means is the bacteria and enzymes will break down and eat all organic waste, leaving the tank running properly.

There is a natural growth of bacteria that grows in a septic system, regardless of using the Septic System Digester. However, often times the natural growth is not fast enough to keep up with the usage. There are also products that you may use, such as bleach, anti-bacterial, tea tree oil, and more that can actually harm or kill this natural bacteria. What the Septic System Digester does is provide the necessary bacterial boost that helps minimize future septic system problems.  

What's the difference between the Septic System Digester liquid, pods and pucks?

Great question!  

The Liquid is great for households with average system use.  This is our best selling septic treatment.

The Drop-in Pods are designed to match the holding time of water in your tank.  On average water coming into a septic tank is there between 3 days and a week.  As that water flows out, you lose some of your bacteria.  The pods give your system a fresh dose, just as the last one loses some bacteria, ensuring your system has enough bacteria for optimal functionality.  This product is a good match for anyone who is septic conscious and avoids anti-bacterial cleaners, system overuse etc.

The Puck provides your septic system with the maximum protection against accidental "bacteria abuse."  If you have to do multiple loads of laundry in one day, or if you use antibacterial soaps and cleaners, this product is best for you.  By utilizing a timed-release formula, the puck protects your septic system with fresh bacteria each time you flush the toilet.  This product is great for families, anyone else that demands a lot from their septic, or anyone who wants to give their system the maximum protection against issues. 

How Do I Use Septic System Digester Drop-In Pods?

Once a week, simply drop one pod into your toilet bowl and flush.  It really is that easy. 

What Kind Of Toilet Paper Should I Use?

You can now use whatever type of toilet paper you would like because the Septic System Digester breaks down all organic material. That means whatever you flush will be broken down and eaten by the bacteria in the Septic System Digester.  No need to use that 2-ply toilet paper that costs twice what the good stuff does.


Can I Use Antibacterial Cleaners In My Sinks?

You can, however we highly recommend that you do not use them. Antibacterial cleaners naturally put a strain on a septic system because they kill the bacteria growing in the tank. However it does require an excess amount of these products to completely kill off all the good bacteria. It is still good to limit the use of antibacterial products, so that you are giving the good bacteria a chance to grow and thrive.

I Have Standing Water In My Yard, How Much Product Is Needed?

We would highly recommend using Unique’s Septic Field Rejuvenator for this type of problem. It is similar to the Septic System Digester, however it formulated to tackle the bigger messes such as standing water in your yard.


Tell Me More About Septic Field Rejuvenator!

Septic Field Rejuvenator is an emergency restoration product. Instead of spending a lot of money digging up your yard, just use 2 Quarts of the Septic Field Rejuvenator (approximately $42) and your system will start working like brand new.

We recommend using 1 Quart of the Septic Field Rejuvenator once a year in your septic system. This helps your system by rejuvenating the bacteria already in your tank, giving them an extra boost, while also helping break down any buildup that might have developed throughout the year.


My Septic Is 5 Years Old And I Have Never Used A Bacterial/Enzyme Additive And It Seems To Be Working Well, So I Don’t Need Septic System Digester, Right?

Not necessarily. The best defense against buildup of oils, greases and wastes is to stay ahead of it and stop it from even happening. By using the Septic System Digester as a maintainer you will help keep your tank working properly and avoid any unnecessary problems. Saving you time and money.


I Just Started Using Septic System Digester And My System Is Still Acting Up, What Should I Do?

  • If your system is older it may take some time before the bacteria is able to break down and keep up with the buildup from greases, oils, and other wastes created over time.

  • If there are trees surrounding your septic system, their roots may bloke or damage the lines. Unfortunately the Septic System Digester cannot work against roots or repair broken lines.

  • If your septic field is not "perking", ie. there is standing water in your yard, we recommend using the Septic Field Rejuvenator.


Your product is awesome, and I just have a need to tell the world, how can I do that?

Well besides buying a whole bunch of bullhorns and hiring millions of people to stand on every street corner in the world singing our praises, you can do few things:

  1. E-mail us your testimonial, and we will do our best to get it out there (

  2. Tell your local stores that you love the products and that if they aren't carrying them already they should contact us! (800.476.1608)